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The Jewish people began as a nation and evolved into an international family. Over three thousand years this nation/family has been the host to competing religious beliefs and diverse philosophies of life. The heart of Jewish identity has always been a strong sense of membership in the Jewish people, identification with its history and participation in its culture.


For most of Jewish history the Jewish people welcomed others to join the Jewish family. Jewish conversion is adoption into the culture and future of the Jewish people.




We, the members of the Association of Humanistic Rabbis, welcome all individuals into the Jewish people who desire to link their lives with the experience of the Jewish nation/family to identify with its historic memories and to participate in its culture and future. Both personal choice and acceptance by a Jewish community to which they belong are necessary to make their adoption significant and valid.


The act of adoption should be preceded by a period of preparation, when the prospective adoptee studies the fundamentals of Jewish history and Jewish culture. The welcoming community may offer a celebration and certificate of adoption.


--Adopted June 2005.

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