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Members of the Association of Humanistic Rabbis serve in all walks of Jewish life. Many of them are available for life cycle events, counseling, speaking, teaching or advocacy work.


Congregational Leadership

AHR members who serve in congregations, whether in full or part time arrangements, often have the same types of duties as any other congregational rabbi. This includes leading services for Shabbat and holidays, managing aspects of the congregation, representing the congregation in the community and so forth.

One of the best ways to experience all that a Secular Humanistic Rabbi can offer is to join a community or congregation affiliated with the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations or the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

To find a list of Secuar Humanistic Jewish congregations, please visit the sites of the Society for Humanistic Judaism and the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations.


Life Cycle Events

Many AHR members make themselves available for life cycle events even to those who are not members of Secular Humanistic congregations or communities. These might include baby welcoming ceremonies, weddings or funerals. Some members are even available to assist with bar / bat mitzvah training for Jewish people who identify with Secular Humanistic Judaism who do not have access to a Secular Humanistic Jewish organization or community. The services of AHR members are distinctive in their creativity and uniquely humanistic approach to Jewish practice.

If you are interested in contacting an AHR member for a life cycle event, please click on this link: Rabbis in North America.



One of the primary responsibilities of any rabbi is furthering Jewish education and AHR members are very involved in providing this service. The uniqueness of the Secular Humanistic Jewish approach means that AHR members are often highly sought after as knowledgeable educators and speakers.

If you are interested in contacting an AHR member for speaking or teaching, please click on this link: Rabbis in North America.

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