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In Support of Diverse Sexualities and Gender Identities


The Association of Humanistic Rabbis promotes the freedom, equality, and empowerment of all people, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ+). As human beings and as Jews, we are keenly aware of the injustices done by religious and secular laws that discriminate against minorities.


Because diverse expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation are widely denied equal protection under law, the Association of Humanistic Rabbis advocates for the full and equal legal status of LGBTQ+ people and families, in particular, civil rights and liberties, privacy, employment, residency, and citizenship rights, as well as familial rights relating to marriage or domestic unions and their dissolution, child custody and adoption, family insurance coverage, medical decisions and visitation, and inheritance and survivor benefits.


Because those with diverse expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation have been and are now subject to violence and bigotry – as have Jews and many other groups in various times and places – the Association of Humanistic Rabbis supports efforts to reduce and end all types of discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes. Thus, we promote legal reform linked to crime prevention and enforcement, as well as progressive educational and social change in both the public and private spheres.


Because the Association’s members strive to serve all the couples that seek out our services with a sensitive, open-minded, and respectful approach to human diversity, we therefore resolve that each member of the Association of Humanistic Rabbis is free and encouraged to perform weddings or commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples, as well as to sign legal marriage licenses or civil union registrations for them wherever such legal documents are available.


Because the Association of Humanistic Rabbis celebrates the range of contributions that LGBTQ+ persons make to our movement, as lay members and leaders as well as teachers and rabbis, we invite all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families who are attracted to Humanistic Judaism to become active members, leaders, and rabbis in our communities and our movement.


--Adopted December 16, 2003

Issued February 9, 2004

Revised July 27, 2016

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